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Server down time

MGT AdminMGT posted 8 hours ago
There was a DDOS attack a few hours ago, this was mitigated by our host, but in the process they nulled our ip address. The server was also shut down. Im currently working with them to get the ip address back online.

Update, the Raid array has become corrupted so currently it seems everything is lost, the data center are trying to recover the data on the HDD's as we speak.

Best case scenario offline for a few days
Worst case scenario, RIP MGT

Update by Gary R - Please show your support for the MGT community here:

DayZ OverPoch Napf

MGT AdminMGT posted Wed at 16:10

Napf is changing to OverPoch

Due to dwindling numbers on OverPoch Namalsk, we've pulled the plug and switched the map to OverPoch Napf.

To join our DayZ Epoch Napf server you only need Arma 2OA Steam build 125548 see here and DayZ Epoch and DayZ Overwatch 0.25 from DayZ Commander, then in settings/additional launch parameters paste -mod=@DayzOverwatch then add the server as a favourite on DayZ Commander

Or use our launcher files

The terrain for Napf-Island was made based on real DEM-Data with a 30m on 30m grid. The mountain "Napf" in reality is located in Switzerland (long/lat in Real World: +47°0/+7°56'). In the real world, the south shore of the island is formed by the Lake of Brienz ("Brienzersee") and the Lake of Thun ("Thunersee")

Lord Dakier RIP MGT
MeditationState AdminDonatorSub100 I will play this tonight! > I am determined! ...
kasperpure Donator niiiiiice ! :]

Safe contents going missing? read on

MGT AdminMGT posted Mon at 23:34
Very important!

If you're suffering from game crashes when you exit the server it could be that you have some corrupted files in your Arma install, this has been reported to be the cause of stuff going missing from locked storage.

Verify your files (Arma 2, Arma 2OA) in Steam and setup as normal

If you're having game crashes do not use your storage until you've verified your files in Steam.

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