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DayZ - How to rage

MGT A posted 4 hours ago

CookieKing Donator omg eddie_000 again xD he is MGT worst player in quite a while, can't play for more then 2 minutes without claiming a ha ...
Nibashe ADonator hahahaha
socurious this kid... ...

How to get more fps in Arma 3

MGT A posted Mon at 15:23

Shutdown your game, then download this and extract

Then in the binary folder grab the tbbmalloc.dll (check if your system is blocking it) and paste it into your Arma 3/Dll folder.

If you launch with Arma, add this to launch parameters -malloc=tbbmalloc
If you launch with Arma 3 Launcher, open settings and put -malloc=tbbmalloc into additional parameters and then click save, then launch the game

You could also try some of the suggestions here

Arma 3 OverPoch Chernarus

MGT A posted Wed at 16:20

Now Epoch is on Arma 3 Launcher, we suggest getting the required mods from there and searching MGT and launching that way

Mods needed:-


All in Arma Terrain Pack 1.4.1

Mas 1.8

If you already have Epoch and AiA you only need to download the Mas 1.8 pack

To join, either manually configure or click the link "OverPoch Chernarus" in the launcher below the shoutbox

  • Side chat enabled
  • World build limit 15k - per frequency jammer 250 items
  • 5 day maintenance cycle
  • Vote for day/night time
  • 30 Minute group vehicle lock time
  • 3 hour restarts
  • infiSTAR antihack for OverPoch
  • Indestructible cinder base parts and lockboxes
  • Rotor lib and fatigue disabled
  • All Helicopters useable including DLC for non DLC owners
  • Increased loot including ground loot
  • Our own AI missions (WIP)
  • Database backup system
  • OverPoch weapons can be bought and sold from all traders

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