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DayZ Epoch Chernarus: Back From The Dead

The Juggernaut AdminDonator posted Fri at 13:09

I know that a lot of us have moved into Arma 3, and thats cool.  But we got together as a group and decided to bring back good old Arma 2 Epoch Cherno!  This server holds lots of fond memories for not only me, but for a lot of us.  If you and your friends want to play on a server with active admins with a sense of family, then lets go boys!  I'm glad to be back on Cherno, and I look forward to base building and bambi saving, but thats just me.  Let's go trolls.  Arma 2 is still a good game, it shows its age yes, but fun as hell.  Like the T-800 said, "I am old, not obsolete."

So please come and join us, I will do my best to have some fun admin events and keep everyone interested!


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Cpt Doiid I will and many of my friends (bantkingz) will return if the server gets like above 30 people on most the time
Bartek Really nice to have it back, hopefully it will get populated.
Beastman AdminDonator great to have it back

  • Added: CBA compatibility ONLY if remoteExec functions in CBA are OFF!
  • Added: Craft bandages recipe
  • Added: Prototype of bounty system
  • Changed: Balanced wood and metal construction armor. More info soon.
  • Fixed: Vehicle trader dialog sometimes went poof if configured wrong
  • Fixed: Vehicle re-keying for choppers and boats
  • Fixed: Pre-processor problems ending up in duplicate building classes in different scopes
  • Fixed: Exploit to dupe consumable items - thx to @Mikeeeyy
  • Fixed: Wrong building loot coverage calculation - thx to @Mikeeeyy
  • Added: Sledge Hammer
  • Fixed: Axe swing animation (yes, for real)
  • Fixed: Auto-run would stop on bridges over water
  • Added: Prototype of animals
  • Fixed: Message when adding a lock always showed "1234" as a PIN code
  • Changed: We have changed from virtual to physical money now! You have to carry pop tabs with you and store it in a safe if you do not want to lose it.
  • Changed: Sending money in your XM8 has been removed. You need to trade it in person now.
  • Added: You can now modify existing network messages or add your own ones. No more remoteExec or publicVariable!
  • Fixed: Prevent spawning on Namalsk' debug island when coast spawning is enabled - thx to @BetterDeadThanZed
  • Changed: Moved definition of snapping positions from model memory LOD to a config to support snapping of third party models 
  • Added: Razor Wire
  • Added: Wire Fence
  • Added: Sand Bags (long)
  • Added: Bag of Sand (spawns in industrial)
  • Added: Screw Driver (spawns in industrial)
  • Added: Box of Screws (also spawns in industrial)
  • Added: Metal Wire (you guessed it: spawns in industrial)
  • Added: Santa Hat is now available at the armory trader
  • Changed: Balanced the amount of damage constructions can take - more info on that soon.
  • Fixed: An exploit that allowed players to steal and sell vehicles in the safezone - thx to @Mikeeeyy 
  • Added: Server-side trader, territory and death logging to separate text files
  • Added: Items of higher quality levels now require a certain amount of respect to purchase them
  • Added: Config option to disable thermal vision for assembled drones and static machine guns 
  • Added: Possibility to steal the flag of enemy territories (more on that in the following Devblog entries)
  • Fixed: Wrong 7.62 magazine for Rahim in loot spawn
  • Fixed: Sometimes dead players were kicked out of their party or made it completely disappear
  • Changed: The variable "ExileTraderType" must now be be set via ExileClient_object_trader_create as the second parameter. Careful, admins! See code below
  • Fixed: In very rare cases, a script error would pop up when looking at certain constructions
  • Added: Ambient fly-overs are back!
  • Fixed: Bikes and Quad Bikes will not warm you up anymore.
  • Added: Non-buildable zones, so you can prevent players from building somewhere. Can be defined in CfgExileEnvironment / mission config.

+ new weapons!


















Chris Valentine Donator Of course it makes sense to have physical money, on a prison island who is running this virtual bank? The criminals? lol...
Urd3d sub Physical poptabs? Really? xD
vitriol73 When you will update with this new rules? Anyway, because the possibility to take a flag would be better to have also th...

Exile update 0.9.6 now live!

MGT Admin posted Mar 7, 16

All servers updated to Exile 0.9.6 Pomelo

TLDR Version

  • Abandoned safes will now be announced and opened for everyone to loot
  • Supply drops next to airfields. You can mount the crate onto your car and install it in your base. Has about 10x the capacity of a wood crate
  • Loot now spawns instantly. There is no "loot spawned" message anymore
  • 10 new vehicles and 4 new items. Check the wiki - much love to @Psycho!
  • Use knifes to hot-wire vehicles
  • Repairing now takes a long time
  • Metal hedgehogs can now be placed to fortify against vehicles
  • Craft a water barrel for water supply in your base
  • Use gas masks to enter contaminated zones
  • Very surprise
  • So wow

We are aware of uniforms disappearing. If you have experienced this problem, please write a comment here. Provide as much information as possible, as this seems to be an Arma problem.

Also, we know that the axe swing animation is still fucked. Had no luck getting this to work so far.


  • Added: Prototype of a temperature system (configurable)
  • Fixed: Spawn dead loop when player logged out mid-air
  • Fixed: Broken hitpoints of vehicles does not stop spawning world vehicles anymore
  • Added: Gas mask. Can be used similar to NV goggles
  • Changed: You can now fully customize the clothing of traders
  • Changed: Trader types are now set via setVariable and not via an entry in CfgVehicles. You can now create as many traders as you want - also vehicle traders.
  • Fixed: Problem with older MySQL server version where constructions and containers outside territories would not be deleted
  • Added: Territory app in XM8 now shows radius of territory
  • Added: You can now enable 3D radius display of your territory in your XM8
  • Fixed: Kicking someone from a party would not work
  • Fixed: Bambi Overall, Exile Woodland and base uniform had enormous leg and arm armor / hit protection - thx to Squizzz for reporting
  • Changed: Vehicle Customs Trader now able to use custom skins
  • Added: Exile custom vehicle skins (See preview images below)
  • Fixed: If two territory were very close to each other, you could only build within 275m, not 300m - thx to Mikeeeyy for reporting
  • Fixed: Handcuffed players cannot get into vehicles or place mines anymore
  • Added: Delayed action framework - more info soon
  • Removed: Santa Hat as bambi load-out
  • Removed: Christmas presents as loot spawn containers
  • Changed: Disabled fast-locking while in combat. You will always have to enter the PIN code even if you have entered it before while in combat.
  • Fixed: Flood lights not working in most cases (will we ever fix them once and for all? Kappa)
  • Fixed: Respect would not be displayed correctly after you have upgraded your territory
  • Fixed: It was not possible to place a safe close to an enemy territory
  • Added: Exile Events "AbandondedSafe" & "SupplyBox"
  • Added: New Supply Box storage crates that are dropped by the A Heart For Inmates charity NPC faction in the "SupplyBox" events.. These can be mounted in the back of the Tempest, Zamak, HEMMT, Offroad & Van and then installed at a territory as persistent storage.
  • Added: You can now reset vehicle pin codes at the Vehicle & Air Customs Traders but you must know the current pin code or pay a % of the vehicle sale price (configurable).
  • Changed: Optimized loot clean-up performance  - thx to @Torndeco
  • Added: Moving of unlocked safes and containers
  • Fixed: Various bugs, typos, etc.  Thanks in large part to the community for helping. @maca134 @Mikeeeyy @TheMeq
  • Added: Hot-wiring vehicles using the new Exile Knife with a 50% chance to fail and destroy the knife
  • Changed: Repairing vehicles with duct tape now takes time
  • Added: Heatpacks. They warm you up on use by 1°C and can be found in civillian buildings. You can also buy them next to Vishpirin
  • Added: Czech Republic and The Netherlands country flags
  • Added: Added a prototype of water barrels to be crafted and placed in your base. They will fill up with water when it is raining so you can fill up water bottles there.
  • Added: Beer and coffee will heat you up now
  • Added: Random coast spawning without spawn point selection. 
  • Fixed: The item detail tab will now show the correct sales price of an item even if they is no one defined explicitely - thx to @Brun
  • Fixed: Network messages can now be defined in the mission file to remove the need for remoteExec
  • Added: Fuel barrels that can take up to 300l of fuel
  • Fixed: A potential glitch to make walls have god mode
  • Added: Threading system automatically appends thread ID to last param in called function (possibility of self termination)
  • Fixed: Exploit to dupe construction kit items - thx to Mike for reporting
  • Fixed: Much bugs, such fixed, so WoW!
  • Updated: BE filters ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Fixed: Fixed a a problem where people send themselves money
  • Changed: Adjusted vehicle capacity of Ural and Ikarus
  • Changed: Loot system is now deffered to the client (as it was in 0.9.2). Should increase server performance - thx to @MGTDB and @CEN
  • Changed: Loot does not spawn two or more weapons on a stack now
  • Added: Missing icons for flood lights, portable generator, camp fire and a lot of other items
  • Added: Territories cannot be placed inside contaminated zones
  • Almost 200 other things that we really forgot about and are too lazy to list here

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