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Esseker region, named after it's largest city, was once a tourist paradise, rich in folklore and natural beauty and inhabited by simple people who's tradition and hospitality charmed people all over the world. It was a region in the rise, a beacon of hope to it's otherwise poor country.

But when the virus broke loose, it stood almost completely defenseless. Flocking visitors brought the virus to every corner of Esseker before the symptoms even started showing. By the time medical teams from the neighboring countries landed in the hopes of combating what was then an unknown disease, the infection had already turned into a pandemic.

Local military attempted to quarantine the region with the help of UN and US forces and USAMRIID established a temporary military camp with a bio-hazard laboratory but before they could grab a real foothold, the pandemic turned global.

The military force, being spread thin across the globe was forced to abandon the region, leaving the civilian populace to fend for themselves. Now, in the aftermath of a global event that wiped away more then half of the world's population, Esseker is a home only to the brave and the insane.

Esseker 0.55 changelog

*Added rocks at the base of the promenade to allow people to get out and get into the river (although swimming in Arma 3 still sucks)

*Added two new towns – Tuk and Krupa

*Revisited the rather secretly placed cliff cave, players that found it should be glad to hear that it is a much safer place now.

*Added stone arrows on random locations in the lower part of the map for your convenience

*Tweaked Esseker city a bit, this is just a first small step in what will be a massive rework to the city that will eventually aim to melt brains and eyeballs. No joke.

*Expanded Nekrashuk, the old village in the woods

*Added a number of less then impressive random locations

*Beautified some places (that didn’t really need beautifying)

The map is being created by Ronhill and is in constant development, please consider making a donation to him for his hard work, either click the donate link on or send via PayPal direct to

A new beta map, we suggest getting the required mods from Arma 3 Launcher and searching MGT and launching that way

Mods needed:-


All in Arma Terrain Pack 1.4.1

Mas 1.8

Esseker 0.55

There are 3 trader cities, Chokory in the east, South in the south and Lokve in the north west, they have god mode.
There's 3 spawn points, in the east, west and north. These have god mode for about 25 metres for spawn protection

    • Side chat enabled
    • 5 day maintenance cycle
    • Vote for day/night time
    • 30 Minute group vehicle lock time
    • 3 hour restarts
    • infiSTAR antihack for Epoch
    • Rotor lib and fatigue disabled
    • All Helicopters and Karts useable including DLC for non DLC owners
    • Increased loot including ground loot 
    • Our own AI missions (WIP)
    • Old style heli crash sites
    • Database backup system
    • Combat logging system
    • Private messaging between players

Arma 2 DayZ Epoch Namalsk

MGT A posted Sun at 21:27

Due to low player numbers on Panthera, we've decided to bring Namalsk back from the dead

You need DayZ Epoch and Namalsk 0.75, both available on DayZ Launcher Just open it up and search for MGT and click server, it will install the mods automatically for you and launch the game.

Or manually enable the mods and go to

Cold weather and snow is on, warm clothes at traders
EVR is off
ER7 is an ultra rare spawn in Object AII only and cannot be bought/sold at traders
Building on the land bridge is permitted
1 x Heat pack added to spawn loadout


ER7 rate increased, AS50's added to Object AII loot table, still very rare

A great video made by Chazie95_Gaming captures the essence of Namalsk

Back on Namalsk the the hunt begin's to try find a cure for the zombie apocalypse! Leave a Like :D
Cinematics made by me (Chazie95_Gaming )

Visit for the latest game server information!

Neckbreaker Donator Thank you very much for bringing back Namalsk! ...
SuperMatt Namalsk is back lmao.
Ron Swanson Everyone join. Namalsk is good for your health. If you don't want to join, plz delete System32 in PC files.