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liam, its fixed :)
can an admin help me here, ive tried following the steps and shit for server change over and it just wont have it, losing the will to live here........
more pvp, yesterday i couldnt drive around without getting shot at lol
Why did I get a warning for mentioning another server?
cant join due to dependable items that have been deleted, had this since the changeover, not been able to play since, please help.
haha Utes is perfect xD
hahaha, anyone remember bullnet?
Utes? lol
It's just too big, MGT needs a smaller map where there is more pvp
how is it, lol
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DayZ Epoch Napf

MGT AdminMGT posted Sun at 17:08
Due to dwindling numbers on OverPoch Namalsk, we've pulled the plug and switched the map to Epoch Napf.

To join, you need no launch parameters, just search MGT on DayZ Commander or DayZ Launcher and find the server "[MGT]DayZ Epoch Napf" and double click to join, you only need DayZ Epoch

Or use our launcher files

The terrain for Napf-Island was made based on real DEM-Data with a 30m on 30m grid. The mountain "Napf" in reality is located in Switzerland (long/lat in Real World: +47°0/+7°56'). In the real world, the south shore of the island is formed by the Lake of Brienz ("Brienzersee") and the Lake of Thun ("Thunersee")

kasperpure AdminDonator niiiiiice ! :]
Frayed Sanity I'm so very gung-ho for this. The poll I put showed that Napf was the way to go and 50% or so of the voters, out of the ...

Steam Patch changeover

MGT AdminMGT posted Thu at 2:56
How to join MGT servers

1. Use DayZ Commander as normal as it has been updated to support Arma 2 steam patch

2. Download these files to your desktop, if your Arma 2 install in Steam is in your C:\ drive you're good to go, otherwise right click and change drive letter

Due to Battleye no longer providing support, we have changed over to the Steam build of Arma 2 OA, this is very important and you need to follow it to be able to continue playing on our servers.

This patch offers better performance and better security, however there are some key things to bear in mind.

The changeover has happened!

If you have Arma2OA 112555 you will not be able to join our servers

The patch changes your player id and guid, what this means is you will be a new character in game and anything you had in your inventory or backpack will be lost. Currently there's no automated process to transfer gear across to new character as the new id's can not be worked out from old id.

Humanity will be lost so take a note and post in this forum with the following format, this is for donators only, we will not be restoring negative humanity for non donators.

Ingame Name ******
New Player UID (not guid) ******
Old Player UID (not guid) ******
Server Map ******
Humanity you had ******

If you have Arma 2 OA Steam version simply update through Steam to 125548.

If you have Arma 2 OA retail, you have to register your retail game key on Steam and re-install the game plus any mods such as Epoch that you were running. We suggest taking a backup of your installed mods as it will be far easier to copy from a folder than download from mod sites -

Note, you may need to re-download your mods in DayZ Commander

Here is a guide to updating your game to the new Steam patch here when we changeover, do not do it whilst you can still play on our servers.

step 1:  go to your operation arrowhead folder
step 2:  delete the  Arma2OA.exe file
step 3: delete the Arma2OAserver.exe file
step 4: go into your Expansion\ folder
step 5: delete the beta\ folder and all it's contents.
step 6:  go to steam library -> operation arrowhead -> right click -> properties -> local files -> verify integrity of game.
step 7: wait for game to verify.  When it's done you will have basic Arma 2 files, approximate version 1.62.95xxx
step 8: launch arma 2 oa with new files.  exit the game after you see the main menu.
step 9:  go to \Steam\SteamApps\common\Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead\BEsetup\ and run the Setup_BattlEyeARMA2OA.exe file, this will install the new Battleye on your machine
step 10:  wait for game to update.  When it's done you will have the new steam-only version of Arma2OA.  Right now it is version 125548, you might get a newer version depending when you download it.
step 11: run Arma2OA with the new version and exit the game after you see the main menu.

Any issues, post in this help thread

How to join MGT servers

1. Use DayZ Commander as normal as it has been updated to support Arma 2 steam patch

2. Download these files to your desktop, if your Arma 2 install in Steam is in your C:\ drive you're good to go, otherwise right click and change drive letter

nb We don't suggest using DayZ Launcher as it renames map folders in your install and may prevent you from joining via any other method.

Silentgunnerjohn I lost my humanity after the switch.Ingame Name: username: SilentgunnerJohn Server: DayZ Epoch Chernarus server GUID: 8d ...
Mr. Bruno When i try to join, it glitches to "Waiting for character to create" Help
Stevoe Guide to using the ZIP file as a few people I know were having issues. ...

MGT Epoch Events - Capture the Admin - 2!

Lanky AdminDonator posted Jun 26, 14

MGT Epoch Events....


After the triumphant success of the first event, we at MGT have decided to step up our game and bring to you Capture the Admin 2 - this time, with a lot more surprises in store for you all...

The arena has been totally revamped, had its size increased, and introduced team spawn waves into the mix - making sure that it will be a lot easier to carry on the masacre!

We all know that Capture the Flag is one of the best game modes ever devised, right? - Well, its time to up the Ante here at MGT.... welcome to Capture the Admin!

As before, The object of the event will be to capture the other teams admin, and take them back to their base! This time, there will be specially created Admin platforms, traps, power play items, many more toilets and hopefully lots more fun to be had.

The event is open to all, with some requirements - PLEASE READ THE EVENT AND CTA RULES CAREFULLY!!

CTA Rules
  • You will be TP'd to the teams starting zone. You must have NO WEAPON in your inventory AND a HATCHET IN YOUR HAND to qualify for entry to the event. Failure to do so, will result in you being kicked / unable to partake in the event.

  • There will be two sets of teams - Priests vs Rockers. Player numbers to depend on turnout. Outfits to be distributed upon arrival.

  • As before stated, there will be no guns in the event - it will be hatchets only. Hatchets will also be distributed upon arrival, but have one on you to save time (and be nice to the poor admins trying to set it all up)

  • There will be one admin located at each side of the playing area. The objective is to capture the other teams admin, and take them back to the players base.

  • Both admins must be in the same capture zone in order to score a point for that home team

  • To get an admin to follow you, you must stand by them for 3 seconds, before they will follow your movements. An Admin will only be yours if no other opposition team player is around them in a 5 meter radius - opposing players will result in the admin standing still on the spot until 1 is left

  • When you are assigned a player team, you must remain on that team until the event is over / an admin says otherwise. Attempting to switch over teams will result in you being booted from the event. Dont be a numpty.

  • Respawns are allowed, and dead players will be tpd back to the event. When you request a TP back after dieing, you HAVE to state either of the following in the side chat - "Priest Respawn" or "Rocker Respawn" to go back to your respective teams starting location, where you MUST put back on the respective team outfit BEFORE going back out onto the field of play.
  • This event will introduce repsawn waves every x minutes (to be decided at the time) - this means that once you die, you should gear up in the respawn room and wait for the door to open to allow you entry back to the field. Both teams respawn times will be the same.

  • After each capture, there will be may respawn / regrouping time to allow the field to be reset. Hopefully, this will not be needed so often but is needed in order to get weapons back into the spawn area.
  • there will be more instructions given at game time - come prepared to LISTEN and not to muck around - save that for the game playing time.

Details :

When? : June 30th 2014

Time? : 19:30 GMT (20:30 BST , 21:30 CEST)

Server : [MGT] Chernarus server


Event Rules

  • Any people attempting to ruin the event will be kicked and banned. Don't ruin the fun because you don't know how to!
  • Admin discretion can be used to determine winners of events
  • Vehicles and Helicopters will be allowed on the server during the event time outside a 2000km radius of the event location. Going anywhere close to it during the event, and ignoring any warnings, will result in the driver and passenger(s) being turned into a flaming heap of wrangled metal and flesh.You have been warned...
  • Make sure you be ready for a TP at the event start time.
  • Make sure you have ABSOLUTELY NO GEAR on you ASSIDE FROM A HATCHET. (no weapons of any kind permitted) BEFORE you request a TP. All event items needed will be provided to you. Anything you loose will be your own fault
  • Event to start "around" the stated time. Delays are possible, so come early and be prepared.
  • Further instructions will be given at the event start time. LISTEN carefully to the Admins!
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