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Server IP:

You are going to need a few mods to join our Exile Taviana server. I'll provide links if you want to download the mods manually if you don't wish to use However in my opinion the easiest way to join is to use a3launcher.

  1. Download all the mods you need.
  2. If you download them from A3 Launcher it automatically puts the folders within your A3 directory, but if you use the direct links you will need extract/unzip the folders using either winrar or 7zip. Then you will need to drag them to your A3 directory (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3).
  3. Then all you need to do is start Arma 3 up go to 'MODS' then enable them all. In order to do that click on symbol that has a + sign with a folder next to it, then select the mods (one by one). It will then put them into a list, tick the black box until it turns white, click play and filter MGT or go to remote and enter the server IP.
  4. All should be working and you should be able to connect to the server with no issues :)

Server Features:

Custom Sector B Missions that mimics DayZ Origins

Bounties(Set bounties on enemies that you hate)

AI Missions

Server Mods Needed:

Exile (0.9.41): Exile Mod 0.9.41

Taviana Taviana

All In Arma Terrain Pack: AiA Pack (v1.4.1) (Mirror) (Torrent)

Cup Weapons(Lots of weapons added, mainly Arma 2 ports): Steam Workshop Google Armaholic (v1.5)

AsDG Join Rails(Adds rails to popular guns so you can put a scope on anything) ASDG Joint Rails (v0.16) (Mirror)

Arma 2 ported over vehicles: Mas Vehicles (v1.3) (Mirror)

*Note* You can join the server with the 'Lite' version of AiA which is only 3.3GB instead of 8.5GB! But from Armaholic it's a 6.4GB download for the full version!

All In Arma Terrain Pack Lite: AiA Lite(v1.4.1) (Mirror) (Torrent)

If you have any questions please post on our forums and i'll try to help you to join at the best of my ability!

Rapid12 Admin Do try and stay longer than a few days this time ;¬)
A z Donator The Kings of the North will see you now..

Update to EpochMod

MGT Admin posted Jan 29, 16

All Arma 3 servers now updated to, either get it from A3L, or from Steam Workshop or from

Get the direct client file download here:


Client Changes:

[Added] Drinking a Soda now returns a Empty Soda Can.
[Added] Eating a can of food now returns a Empty Tin Can.
[Added] Repack magazines feature. Simply select a magazine and press the "Repack" button.
[Added] 55 Gallon (210 liters) Fuel Barrel that can be used to refill/siphon vehicles.
[Added] Ability to siphon fuel from other fuel sources like gas stations and gas tanks
[Added] Crafting Burlap from 2x Hemp while at a workbench.
[Added] Crafting of Plywood sheets from 3x Wood Log.
[Added] Crafting of Aluminum Bars from 6x Empty Soda Cans 
and one jar of water. Also requires a fire nearby. [Added] Crafting of Tin Bars from 6x Empty Soda Cans
and one jar of water. Also requires a fire nearby. [Added] Copper Bars that can be crafted from cables nearby a fire.
Cables can also be made from Copper Bars at a workbench. [Added] Briefcase Full crafted from ten 10oz Gold bars and a Empty Briefcase [Added] Crafting of Bars from Gold and Silver Ores. [ADDED-WIP] Pack/unpack empty backpacks into carryable magazine items. [ADDED-WIP] Hotwire Kit. [ADDED-WIP] Key Makers Kit. [ADDED-WIP] Keys in colors: (Black ItemKey,ItemKeyRed,ItemKeyGreen,ItemKeyBlue,ItemKeyYellow). [ADDED-WIP] Metal Pipes. [ADDED-WIP] Documents (Trash,Books,Vehicle Upgrades). [ADDED-WIP] Light Bulb. [Changed] Upgrading wood Stud wall and Tower to Plywood covered versions requires Plywood. [Changed] Debug monitor now shows all custom stats dynamically based on 'customVarsDefaults' config. [Changed] Increased angle that the player is able to aim up. [Changed] Drinking Alcohol increases the new "Alcohol" stat instead of directly effecting blood pressure. [Changed] Crafting Hesco barrier now require 3x Burlap. [Changed] Crafting wood and metal spike traps now also require Sticks and a Hydraulic Jack. [Changed] Change all publicVariableServer calls to use remoteExec calls for better performance. [Fixed] Previous patch had incorrectly reduced armor values of the Cultist. [Fixed] Male(Female) characters lose vest items after equipping opposite sex's vest. [Fixed] Secure storage locking mechanism improvements should prevent any unwanted intrusions. [Fixed] Reworked login to prevent getting stuck at "waiting for inventory". [Fixed] Prevented death just after revive due still having high blood pressure. [Fixed] Incorrectly being able to sell/buy items from a dead trader. [Fixed] Snakes now require line of sight to bite player. [Fixed] Custom epoch swing animations for Hatchet and sledge now work correctly. [Fixed] Boss Sapper incorrectly cleaned up before detonation.

Visit for the latest game server information!

Visit for the latest game server information!

ShatnerBassoon a3launcher is still trash
Bratva My sugestion to others- do not use a crappy A3Launcher. Use arma 3 multiplayer instead.
Bratva Thankyou very much sir!!!

Exile update 0.9.41 now live!

MGT Admin posted Dec 22, 15

All servers updated to Exile 0.9.41 Clementine


  • Changed: Replaced "KNOCKED OUT" with more fancy messages
  • Changed: Enabled unlocking of vehicles in safe zones after restart by default
  • Removed: Obsolete " visualThreshold" from server config
  • Fixed: Players could handcuff others while being tied up
  • Fixed: Boats were spawning on sea ground instead of water surface
  • Fixed: Fly sound not always de-spawning when de-spawning a corpse 
  • Fixed: Grinder was missing in loot tables and traders (sorry!)
  • Fixed: Grenade HUD showing wrong names and values
  • Fixed: Delayed loading of character data so Arma (hopefully) does not throw magazines away
  • Fixed: Construction limit was taken from one level above the current level of territories
  • Fixed: Clean-up of territories would only work on newer MySQL server versions
  • Fixed: Location info in HUD was not showing and spawning and re-spawning
  • Fixed: Another glitchy way to access a locked safe
  • Added: Fly swarm particles on player corpses
  • Fixed: Loading lots of magazines into your weapon would prevent you from spawning - thx to @On4fox
  • Fixed: In rare situations, the detection of objects in a territory might not work well (AGL/AGLS)
  • Fixed: Camp fires would not be found in upper stories - thx to @On4fox

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