Not sure why Bohemia decided to release an update outside their normal hours, guess something broke!

Changes in this hotfix affect Arma 3's net code, that is why we decided to raise the game version to 1.74 in order to ensure a smooth gameplay experience without network and compatibility-related problems

Fixed: Potential security issue connected to Arma 3's net code

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Visit for the latest game server information!

Visit for the latest game server information!

Visit for the latest game server information!

Visit for the latest game server information!

Visit for the latest game server information!

Update to EpochMod

[MGT]DB Admino posted Mar 31, 17

All Arma 3 servers now updated to, either get it from A3L, or from Steam Workshop or from


Client Changes:

[New] Epoch is leaving alpha and entering beta!
[Added] Added Service Point to Rearm, Repair and Refuel
[Added] 7 new Keesha camo skins by Craig Hauer aka ComatoseBadger
[Added] Crafting recipe: Mortar (Uses: 12x Rock, 2x dirty water) (Requires: Fire and workbench within 3m).
[Added] Toxic Smoke Grenades can now be found in the world.
[Added] Respawn in base feature, each player must interact with Jammer and choose "Make Spawnpoint" to enable.
[Added] Selling to traders with bank debt greater than -50000(default), pays the bank debt back to below the limit instead of the player.
[Changed] Optimized NPC Trading and fixed issue if trade failed
[Changed] Great White Sharks will now spawn if the player is deep enough in the ocean.
[Changed] Objects or Players that have been given "Crypto" variable can be accessed via the dynamic menu (Space Bar) for a "Take Crypto" action.
[Changed] To prevent issues with ownership only Group Leader can place a Jammer
[Fixed] Crash bug when opening base building upgrade menu since Arma 3 1.68
[Fixed] Sometimes getting stuck only walking
[Fixed] Repack of Energy Pack is now possible
[Info] Numerous other fixes and optimizations

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GeneralAssault seems to be a player database issue, after connecting to server cannot load player inventory now since i died and then i...
[MGT]DB Admino Working on fixing it now guys
Gix rip virtual garage

Big fix to DayZ Epoch, changelog here

[DZB] Rain Donator neeed to role panthrea out give ti a whirl
Bartek Donator naaah namalsk is deadup cherno is the king
Sedrani Donator Chazie join Esseker DayZ. HYPE

We Want You

[MGT]DB Admino posted Jul 23, 16
As a popular gaming community running busy servers, we're often on the lookout for new talent to moderate and administrate our servers.

If you think you have what it takes to become part of our team read on

Applications will only be accepted from those 21 years or older
and from those that have been playing on our servers for more than 1 month and can write/speak English to a high standard and are not part of a large active group, a presence on our forums would be an advantage to your application.

A knowledge of rCon would be an advantage as well as a knowledge of how hackers/cheaters/glitchers operate.
Important: When part of the MGT team, your role is more important than your playing. If there are issues you would be expected to do your best to resolve them or to contact another team member who can resolve them before you can resume "playing"
Whilst we understand you're here because you like playing, being part of the MGT team is a responsibility but please remember, being a moderator or admin will stop you playing with a group, this is ideally suited to "lone wolves"
Apply in the following forum in confidence by copying the following and using it as your application template
Name: John Smith
Age: 25
IGN: ApplePie
Location: England
Which server you mostly play: Tavichernopantheralsk
The hours you usually play: between 9am - 7pm GMT
Any relevant experience here
Why you think you would be good as part of the team:
We look forward to reading your applications, unfortunately we cannot reply to all applicants.
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