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[MGT] Arma III Epoch

MGT A posted Oct 14, 14
Update 24/10/14 13:00 Early download link for client files coming soon

Update 24/10/14 02:00 Server will be updated during Friday

Update 23/10/14 19:50 Changelog updated

[New] Two halloween masks Pumpkin head and Warewolf.
[New] Fireplace model.
[New] Custom Anti Hack Framework by Skaronator.
[New] Replacement First Aid Kit double click on the item and use. Heals other players or your self.
[New] Wooden Ramp/Roof base object can be crafted with 6 lumber packs.
[New] Three new food items: Snooters and Meeps Candy and Walk N' Sons Soda.
[New] Electric Motorcycle has been added.
[New] Car Jack added and has a chance to be found in freshly spawned vehicles.
[New] New lootable furniture "Shoebox" added.
[New] Military variant of the bed now spawns in specific military buildings.
[New] Unisex vest called "side pack". All fresh spawns start with this item.
[New] Group request menu, Group requests can now be accessed via the "Requests" button in the inventory.
[New] Player trading now started with the inventory key (Default "I") and accepted with the "T" key.
[New] Use paint cans to paint corrugated walls and use paint thinner to remove paint.
[New] Wood stairs upgradable for additional landing area.
[New] Circuit Parts found in the world to be used for crafting.
[New] Lockable Cinder And Wood Doors upgrade with Circuit Parts. Ownership is controlled by frequency jammer group owner.
[New] 9 more radios have been added and can be crafted using gems.
[New] Many Inventory items now have proper icons instead of placeholder.
[New] Give player energy if within 75m of a solar tower or wind tower.
[New] Temp Lockable vehicles each time you lock a vehicle it will remain locked to you or your group for 30 minutes.
[New] Base building objects get deleted after 7 days. Moving the object or Painting walls extends this for 7 more days.
[New] Player Character are cleaned up after 30 days inactivity.
[Fixed] Mineral veins now spawn at epicenters.
[Fixed] Geometry changed on cinder wall to prevent phasing though it
[Fixed] Lockbox can no longer be destroyed while open.
[Fixed] Dump items on the ground if packed with items in lockbox.
[Fixed] Overflow items to the ground if player does not have space when trading with another player.
[Fixed] Added prices for Chainsaw so it is now possible to sell/buy to traders.
[Fixed] It wasn't possible to snap the foundation to other foundations.
[Fixed] Group Leader can no longer enter the commander vision.
[Fixed] false PublicVariable Restriction on server start.
[Fixed] Night Vision wasn't disabled when the player run out of energy.
[Fixed] Added prices for Karts so it is now possible to sell/buy to traders.
[Fixed] Shelf and Tipi storage devices are no longer indestructible and have limited storage space.
[Fixed] Trader purchased vehicles should now look for a safer place to spawn vehicle within 120m.
[Fixed] Text output from certain actions now show proper display names instead of classnames.
[Fixed] Vehicles now persist exact position, angle, and direction so it should result in less damage at spawn.
[Fixed] Some false BE kicks for base building.
[Changed] "T" key action moved to Inventory Button. Use your inventory key (Default "I") once to smash trash piles and again to open gear.
[Changed] Increased storage of all vests by 50% and reduced armor by half.
[Changed] Building base objects from inventory kits now instantly forces build mode and consumes item.
[Changed] P2p trading now more reliable, however now places traded items at your feet.
[Changed] Reduced Dog and snake spawn chances.
[Changed] Respawn button disabled.
[Changed] Increased Building material spawns on trash piles.
[Changed] Increased chances for Tools to spawn on Tool Rack.
[Changed] Hunger and Thirst loss rates increased.
[Changed] Increased purchase price of Ammo by a total of 100%.
[Changed] Reduced Hunter armor levels by 50%.
[Changed] Trader "Steal" option removed for now.
[Changed] Traders now only wear uniforms that spawn in the world.
[Removed] Hellcat Helicopter and and Nightstalker scope till balance issues are sorted.
[Removed] Uniform storage space and selling of uniforms to traders removed due to dupe issues.
[Info] new bikey for 0.2 added remove any previous ones.
[Info] Improved backend DLL by Fank
[Known Issues] Weapon attachments get wiped when player to player trading. (workaround for now take the items off the weapon first).
[Known Issues] Moving a painted corrugated wall causes it to loose its color.

Update 14/10/14: Server updated to Arma III patch 1.32, due to this whitelisting is currently switched off and server is open to all

If you're having issues updating Arma III to the latest patch, open Steam, go to Arma III , right click and select properties then click verify integrity of game cache - This should update your game

Arma III: Epoch Mod

Open world survival mod set in the year 2035, Just two years after the mass extinction of billions of people. Those that remain are left with remnants of a once technological society. Try to survive, build, or explore your way through the harsh dynamic environment.

Wiki - How to play

Money Grabbing Trolls are proud to present our latest server, Arma III Epoch. We're an official server host on our own private hive.

Server features:

  • Side chat enabled
  • Crosshairs disabled
  • World build limit raised
  • Vehicle spawns raised
  • 2 hours day 1hr night each restart
  • Server restarts every 3 hours at 0100,0400,0700,1000,1300,1600,1900,2200 GMT
  • infiSTAR antihack for Epoch
  • Hourly database backups should the worst happen<_<

To download the Epoch mod, click the link below and follow the instructions

Arma 3 Epoch mod download page

Click the link below to directly join the MGT Arma 3 Epoch server

JOIN [MGT] (|1.32)

Short base building tut

Visit for the latest game server information!

Share your MGT love on the Epoch Mod forum here

Gilly he have me keys for the closed alpha hehe good ol sherbs :)
Slickdize Installing the mod nao, den gonna farm like a tractor and build some bases ...
Slickdize I love the dark :3

When in game, simply type "vote night" or "vote day", when the vote count has reached a majority of 60% of players ingame the change is made.

After the change, there is a cooldown period where it can't be changed for a further 15 minutes

Use our launcher to launch any of our servers

DayZ Minimalist A very good idea. Finally a reason to buy NVGs again :)
MGT A So far it's instant dark/instant light, but it's not 100% finished yet.
Razielim Donator Awesome stuff! Does it make instant dark night or do we get the sexy evening + night?

Want to run your own server?

MGT A posted Sep 29, 14

Look no further than GTX Gaming. With simple 1 click setup, you can have your own DayZ Epoch server up and running in no time.

A 30 slot server is currently on special offer of £15 per month

DayZ servers come with infiSTAR antihack ready to go.

GTX also offer TeamSpeak3 servers from as little as 25p per slot

Sign up or find out more here

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