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MGT Arma 3 Wasteland Chernarus

MGT A posted Wed at 15:14  -  Arma 3ChernarusMGTWasteland

MGT used to have a very popular Wasteland server when Arma 3 was still in Alpha back in 2013, we've decided to revisit the mod, this time on Chernarus.

Arma 3 Wasteland Chernarus

This is all you need to join (although we suggest installing mods and launching through Arma 3 Launcher )

AiA All In Arma Terrain Pack 1.4.1 Armaholic link

The server has full support for JSRS and DragonFyre sound mods if you wish to run those, you will need CBA as well as those mods, all are avaiable on the Arma 3 Launcher

Then on Arma 3 Launcher filter for "MGT" and launch "MGT Wasteland Chernarus |AiA|Missions|1.40" or alternatively search ingame multiplayer menu for MGT or remote to

  • Side chat VON enabled
  • Base building
  • $1000 starting cash with banking
  • Hived so buildings, inventory, progress, money and purchased vehicles save
  • Vote for day/night time
  • Time x2 in day and x4 at night
  • 12 hour restarts
  • Ear Plugs
  • infiSTAR antihack for Wasteland
  • MAS weapons pack including AK variants
  • Rotor lib and fatigue disabled
  • All Helicopters useable
  • Increased loot
  • AI missions
  • Blastcore, JSRS, JSRS3 DragonFyre and DragonFyre +lite supported

Please bear in mind this is work in progress and there may be bugs, report those to us and we will fix

Timewarp I've never tried this mod, however very open to it. I have heard good things about the gameplay!
Flosstradamus ADonator I'm gonna hop on and check it out. I always loved the wasteland series
Figarus Donator where's the chenarus masterrace who voted for this

Arma 3 1.40 Update

MGT A posted Tue at 4:35

Arma 3 1.40 update is out on Steam now and your client should auto update when you're out of the game, each of our servers are now updated to the new build. Please exit the game completely and make sure you've got the update through Steam

gonsa oh I just read it: "0.3 RC has had a lot of good feedback and bug reports so far so we will be addressing as many o ...
gonsa so is the 0.3 epoch update around the corner?

No wipe needed on Epoch 0.3

MGT A posted Feb 25, 15

We will leave the decision to wipe to the players


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