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Safe disappeared

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it has only been 7 days since i last accessed my safe. i logged on today and my safe has disappeared. I didnt leave it unlocked. It was locked after the last time i accessed it. I didn't pack it up. and no one else has the code. please help if possible. thank you.
Posted Feb 8, 14 · OP
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SmexMyPocky Donator
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Hey, the same thing happened to me. It was less than a week since I last accessed it and the entire thing is gone. Do you have any other information?
Posted Feb 8, 14
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Both of you message me when we are on teamspeak at the same time, so we can talk about your issue.

No promises on any refunds though!
Posted Feb 9, 14
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Fixed the random grey screens at login
Death board messages fixed
Safe wipe bug fixed from next restart
Morphine bug fixed
Just a little update, THESE ARE NOT OFFICIAL MGT SERVERS [link]
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