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I really need help.... all ideas are appreciated [link]
Yeah it's very hard, mostly only try to get on when the restart comes.
No reserved slots..
I mean it's always full...
Veteran, isn't hard for you to get on chernarus to play :\?
just humanity i think
Yo, if you donate you gain acces to a permanent slot or you will get only boosted with humanity?
[link] Helperino pls
Hi guys, would be appreciated if you gave this a look and left some feedback [link]
i have a suggestion elephant...come in teamspeak :)
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Speedy Admin When Tony was a sad made it very depressing. R.I.P TONY!
Veteran Donator that ending!
[KTB]-fem- Donator I laughed my ass of bout you veteran.. lol!

CQ247 DayZ Standalone Server

dave_beastttt AdminMGT posted Tue at 19:50
Our good friends at CQ247 (who incidentally invented the name Money Grabbing Trolls) are now running a DayZ Standalone server for those who fancy a change from DayZ Epoch.

When in game search CQ247 to find it or remote to

Visit for the latest game server information!

Speedy Admin I like it a loooot
ClubFoot Cheers man! ...
Kunoichia Thanks a lot Dave!

MGT Presents... the DayZ Epoch Irish Pub Quiz Night - No.3

Tuesday April 22nd, 19:30 GMT (20:30 BST, 21:30 CEST

You lot thought you had escaped having to hear me do my dodgy Irish accent? Well, guess again, as MGT are proud to announce that the Stary Sober Irish pub will be hosting its third Quiz night on April 22nd 2014.

The event will take place at the Stary Sober trading zone. Come prepared! (bring basic toolbelt items, some gold, a gun, and a vehicle...)

Details :

When? : April 22nd 2014

Time? : 19:30 GMT (20:30 BST, 21:30 CEST)

Server : [MGT] Chernarus server


Event Rules

  • Any people attempting to ruin the event will be kicked and banned. Don't ruin the fun because you don't know how to!
  • Although PVP will be allowed, anyone caught doing so around the stary trader zone when closer events have been announced, rather than going for the objective, will be kicked. DONT try and be an idiot - you will not gain anything from doing so.
  • Any in game instructions not followed when told by the organizers will result in loss of rewards. Co-operate with the people trying to run it!
  • Some activities will require tools. Come prepared with at least the basics (toolbox, ,etool, hatchet)
  • Admin discretion can be used to determine winners of rounds/ events. The decisions from them is final.
  • NO helicopters allowed to be in air during event period (you wont need them)
  • NO heavy duty armed vehicles are permitted to be in transit during event period (Armoured SUV's, HMMW's or Vodniks).
  • NO Medi, or other kinds of vodnik, are to be allowed.
  • Event to start "around" the stated time. Delays are possible, so come early and be prepared.

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