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The stain has been removed. I caught him. Unfortunately not fast enough but at least I saved the Pantherians from the same demise! Will be sorted as soon as possible. Stand-by
Everyone just got banned!
Wtf just happend, said i was banned lol.. :(
i hope its temporary
whats with all the bans
Taviana had bad desync. Fuel randomly disappeared from vehicle as it did others and after a relog cant get back on the server.
we are doing everything we can to sort the issue out please be patient
cause maybe you the hacker?
I'll add to the confusion as well. I'M BANNED TOO!!
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MGT Epoch Events :

Lanky AdminDonator posted Tue at 11:09

MGT EPOCH EVENTS - No.4 - "King of the Castle" - Thursday 17th April 2014


Despite the successful rescue of Colonel Anderson from the wreckage near the Pobeda Dam, spirits of the Allied forces were very low - the AKU had used the takedown of the C130 as a sign that they can still strike fear and chaos into invading troops on Chernarus....and under Jimeno Gonzalez's leadership, there are signs that the AKU reign on the island is far from over.

Allied forces have gathered intel regarding a previously unknown Castle Keep that is being used to store high valued weapons and vehicles for the AKU. There are 5 possible locations around the map of were the castle could be, but we are waiting for intelligence to come back with concrete grid refs. From what we do know, the Castle will be heavily fortified and be extremely dangerous to take over.

There will be an AKU captain located at the castle, who MUST be captured in order to bring down the castle. Without his co-operation and intelligence, the castle will remain in AKU hands. After a first assault on the base, expect AKU reinforcements to arrive at the location - so you will have to hang in tough in order to be victorious.

If the Allied forces are able to take down this base, it will be a massive blow to the AKU, and will be able to use it for their own gain - its strategic importance will be vital later down the line.

Early intelligence found that the AKU are also using small depos located around the castle to act as supplies in case of Allied attacks. Locations are unclear, but being able to capture an AKU trooper might reveal a location. Remember, a dead AKU guard will not be able to reveal any information....

Its time to strike back at the AKU after their previous hit on us - time is pressing, but we have the skill and willpower to hit them where it hurts... make it happen trooper.

Mission Objectives
  • Locate the castle on the map
  • Take out any remaining AKU guards
  • Secure the Base by capturing the AKU Captain located somewhere in the Castle grounds.

Side Mission Objectives
  • Capture an AKU guard
  • Interrogate the guard and retrieve a Depot Location
  • Locate the depot and extract the loot

Details :

When? : April 17th 2014

Time? : 19:30 GMT (20:30 BST , 21:30 CEST)

Server : [MGT] Chernarus server


Event Rules

  • Any people attempting to ruin the event will be kicked and banned. Don't ruin the fun because you don't know how to!
  • Any one found guilty of sharing locations / map marking / will be banned.
  • Admin discretion can be used to determine winners of events
  • NO helicopters allowed to be in air during event period. If you are in one, and you fail to stop after a warning, you will be ejected mid flight. You have been warned...
  • NO heavy duty armed vehicles are permitted to be in transit during event period (Armoured SUV's, Armed HMMW's, Armed Vodniks). You are advised to have a car ready before the event.
  • Make sure you come prepared for a fight - gear up BEFORE the start of the event
  • Event to start "around" the stated time. Delays are possible, so come early and be prepared.
  • Excessive camping of the location is forbidden. Go for the objective, or risked being kicked.

[KTB]-puk- Donator [KTB] will provide medical support and food/drink supplies during the event. We will drive through Chernarus in a WHITE ...


Pimp Daddy Hero sniped Frankie LOL
NitrousGaming why does the server have a password i cant join where i get it from
NitrousGaming i cant even join everytime it says connecting failed
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