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Exile Mod - 0319 Now out

MGT Admino posted Sun at 21:15

Client files now available to download in Arma 3 Launcher or direct from

Join our newest server with the newest Arma 3 Mod

New patch changelog

- Added the territory slide to the XM8
- Boat traders are now integrated (there is no boat customs, you can buy skins directly)
- Fixed rounding problems with the XM8 for respect and pop tabs
- Respect and pop tabs will now show the full / real amount as a tooltip
- Added proper vehicle god mode to purchased vehicles so they will not spawn damaged (especially the hellcat)
- Solved the "I cannot get into a vehicle sometimes if someone is already in" problem (Classic Arma problem)
- Bambi Creation Timeout problem fixed - Added a "health monitor" to the XM8. It will show your hitpoints or the ones of the vehicle you are in (community wish)
- Added better BE filters for drones
- Added quad bikes, karts and theirs skins to the traders
- Added two more trader zones on Altis to lower trader camping
- Auto-run does stop immediately now if you press 0 again
- Auto-run will stop if you run into the ocean, shot or if your legs are "broken" (>50% damage)
- You cannot auto-run anymore when you are injured
- Corrected the MAR10 magazine in the traders - Fixed doors spawning in unlocked state after server restart
- Fixed the floating loot in some of the military towers (eg the one on the shore next to the trader city in Altis)
- If stream friendly UI is enabled, the PIN code pad will show **** instead of numbers
- Increased server stability. It runs stable even if 70 players connect at the same time
- The difficulty level "Exile Hardcore" is now "first person only" by default
- Vehicle wrecks and corpses will now despawn after 15 minutes and not instantly (server config)
- Completely redone notification system (bis_fnc_showNotification) * Windows 10 style notification * Stacking Capability (max 10, if you add more they will be displayed when slides are available) * Uses same config as BIS_fnc_showNotification * 4 input support * Coloring from config * Duration from config * Subtle sound
- Added confirmation option to (move/deconstruct) for buildings
- Safe exploit fixed - native RCON control of a server for server owners * Auto Lock on server boot until server is ready * Auto Lock before restart * Restart messages in defined period * Auto Kick before server restart to prevent gear loss
- Now you only need to enter a code once to unlock a car/door/safe once per session :) *Community wish
- Added a keybind to lock and unlock doors/cars/safes (default disabled, you need to remap UserAction 1 in options to a key thats not used by Exile(altis life U)) *Community wish
- Toggle option for kill feed
- Cant tow locked vehicles
- Fixed a bug where initial territory size is wrong

It is the year 2039. After the resource depleting conflict in Greece,
Europe suffers from a new deflation crisis, leading the crime rate to a new peak in history.

Members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization Security Council are forced to react.

Being a desperate alternative to overcrowded and prohibitive prisons, offenders are now being sent to EXILE.


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A z Donator Admittedly it has gotten a lot better. Good work!
Rapid12 Admin Give a few updates, Az, then maybe try it again. It was great on the test server before its release.
A z Donator Well that was fun. Spawning in the ground 12 times in a row and unable to get into the actual server was a lot of fun. B ...

Arma 3 Epoch

MGT Admino posted Aug 20, 15

All of our Arma 3 Epoch/OverPoch servers have now been updated to, please download it from Arma 3 Launcher, Steam or direct 

You can earn points by making posts on the forum, no BS spam posts though as they will get deleted. You also get points when someone likes what you post.

You can use these points (select use points) to buy subs for Arma 3 where you get an extended loadout.

You can also directly buy points, this works out cheaper than buying a sub as the more points you buy the cheaper they become.

You can buy points using PayPal, your debit/credit card by selecting Stripe or you can use other methods such as Paysafe card and other pre-paid cards using Paymentwall

Paying through Paymentwall will give you the payment options available to you in your country

Paymentwall payment methods

You can also use PayPal to subscribe and to purchase MGT points

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