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[MGT]DB Admin posted Jul 23, 16
As a popular gaming community running busy servers, we're often on the lookout for new talent to moderate and administrate our servers.

If you think you have what it takes to become part of our team read on

Applications will only be accepted from those 21 years or older
and from those that have been playing on our servers for more than 1 month and can write/speak English to a high standard and are not part of a large active group, a presence on our forums would be an advantage to your application.

A knowledge of rCon would be an advantage as well as a knowledge of how hackers/cheaters/glitchers operate.
Important: When part of the MGT team, your role is more important than your playing. If there are issues you would be expected to do your best to resolve them or to contact another team member who can resolve them before you can resume "playing"
Whilst we understand you're here because you like playing, being part of the MGT team is a responsibility but please remember, being a moderator or admin will stop you playing with a group, this is ideally suited to "lone wolves"
Apply in the following forum in confidence by copying the following and using it as your application template
Name: John Smith
Age: 25
IGN: ApplePie
Location: England
Which server you mostly play: Tavichernopantheralsk
The hours you usually play: between 9am - 7pm GMT
Any relevant experience here
Why you think you would be good as part of the team:
We look forward to reading your applications, unfortunately we cannot reply to all applicants.

Arma 3 Exile Chernarus

[MGT]DB Admin posted Jul 21, 16  -  Arma 3ChernarusExileMGT

To join, go to or search MGT on A3Launcher

It has all the features of our other popular Exile mod servers

Visit GameTracker.com for the latest game server information!

ReeeMasterX Maybe since the pawnee guns were nerfed to 6.5 let them start off with 4-5k ammo or revert them back to 7.62 because it ...
pizzaking Donatorsub Yes i was killed with a headshot from 800 meters. Another thing is that i have more than enough poptabs and respect but ...
[MGT]DB Admin Water coolers next restart and AI too op?

  • Added: CBA compatibility ONLY if remoteExec functions in CBA are OFF!
  • Added: Craft bandages recipe
  • Added: Prototype of bounty system
  • Changed: Balanced wood and metal construction armor. More info soon.
  • Fixed: Vehicle trader dialog sometimes went poof if configured wrong
  • Fixed: Vehicle re-keying for choppers and boats
  • Fixed: Pre-processor problems ending up in duplicate building classes in different scopes
  • Fixed: Exploit to dupe consumable items - thx to @Mikeeeyy
  • Fixed: Wrong building loot coverage calculation - thx to @Mikeeeyy
  • Added: Sledge Hammer
  • Fixed: Axe swing animation (yes, for real)
  • Fixed: Auto-run would stop on bridges over water
  • Added: Prototype of animals
  • Fixed: Message when adding a lock always showed "1234" as a PIN code
  • Changed: We have changed from virtual to physical money now! You have to carry pop tabs with you and store it in a safe if you do not want to lose it.
  • Changed: Sending money in your XM8 has been removed. You need to trade it in person now.
  • Added: You can now modify existing network messages or add your own ones. No more remoteExec or publicVariable!
  • Fixed: Prevent spawning on Namalsk' debug island when coast spawning is enabled - thx to @BetterDeadThanZed
  • Changed: Moved definition of snapping positions from model memory LOD to a config to support snapping of third party models 
  • Added: Razor Wire
  • Added: Wire Fence
  • Added: Sand Bags (long)
  • Added: Bag of Sand (spawns in industrial)
  • Added: Screw Driver (spawns in industrial)
  • Added: Box of Screws (also spawns in industrial)
  • Added: Metal Wire (you guessed it: spawns in industrial)
  • Added: Santa Hat is now available at the armory trader
  • Changed: Balanced the amount of damage constructions can take - more info on that soon.
  • Fixed: An exploit that allowed players to steal and sell vehicles in the safezone - thx to @Mikeeeyy 
  • Added: Server-side trader, territory and death logging to separate text files
  • Added: Items of higher quality levels now require a certain amount of respect to purchase them
  • Added: Config option to disable thermal vision for assembled drones and static machine guns 
  • Added: Possibility to steal the flag of enemy territories (more on that in the following Devblog entries)
  • Fixed: Wrong 7.62 magazine for Rahim in loot spawn
  • Fixed: Sometimes dead players were kicked out of their party or made it completely disappear
  • Changed: The variable "ExileTraderType" must now be be set via ExileClient_object_trader_create as the second parameter. Careful, admins! See code below
  • Fixed: In very rare cases, a script error would pop up when looking at certain constructions
  • Added: Ambient fly-overs are back!
  • Fixed: Bikes and Quad Bikes will not warm you up anymore.
  • Added: Non-buildable zones, so you can prevent players from building somewhere. Can be defined in CfgExileEnvironment / mission config.


+ new weapons!

Chris Valentine Donator Of course it makes sense to have physical money, on a prison island who is running this virtual bank? The criminals? lol...
Urd3d Donator Physical poptabs? Really? xD
vitriol73 Donator When you will update with this new rules? Anyway, because the possibility to take a flag would be better to have also th...

Survivor Games

Daz posted Feb 22, 16

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