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MGT KoTH V12 Infantry

[MGT]DB Admin posted Feb 14, 19


What is King of the Hill?

King of the Hill is a three team sector control mission within ArmA 3. As you play you will gain
experience which will in turn unlock new gear and vehicles to aid your teams efforts to control
the zone.

You can check your statistics online now at https://stats.armakoth.com

V12 changes https://blog.armakoth.com/new-milestone-reached-v12-released-43622ad498cd

[NEW] New countermeasures behavior. Dropped flares deflect incoming missiles into the ground, single flare drop lasts for 3 seconds, burst for around 9 seconds. If a missile is launched at you from your front (90' cone) while you’re flying over ~50kmh, no protection applies.
[NEW] New priority area objective inside the main objective, each player inside it counts as “two” towards the score
[NEW] UI re-done to show the exact number of team control over the objective
[NEW] Hunter now has smoke screens like other MRAPs for balance purposes
[NEW] Press Shift+F2 to quickly set view distance to just 300 meters for FPS boost
[NEW] View distance and other mission settings now save between games
[NEW] Bipod perk is back, all weapons get properly colored bipods where applicable
[NEW] Option for server hosts, to disable in-game VON for all but group leaders. (Side and Global chat only).
[NEW] If you NEVER switch to third person view during a game, you will receive up to 50% more end-game bonus!

[CHANGE] Since countermeasures are much more effective, all aircraft only get 60 now
[CHANGE] Repairing on repair site instantly makes you “safe zone invulnerable”
[CHANGE] Ground vehicles and helicopter prices rebalanced and decreased
[CHANGE] Reward calculation function curve adjusted, rewards for high-cost vehicles increased
[CHANGE] Ground vehicles get 6 smoke screens instead of 4, MRAPs get just 2
[CHANGE] PCML has more missiles, 2 normally and 3 with AMMO perk
[CHANGE] Being in buffer safe zone (not in base or repair site) for 5 minutes now disables your invulnerability
[CHANGE] Revive reward timeout is now 3 minutes before you get an award again for reviving the same player

[FIX] Fixed an exploit that allowed players to look and shoot through the floor
[FIX] You’re no longer able to revive players through objects and floors, there is an actual check for obstacles between you and the body
[FIX] You’re no longer able to start reviving players and then enter a vehicle, this will cancel the revive action

http://armakoth.com/ Has more in depth information about the mod

You can get the launcher here although it's possible to just search ingame

Either search MGT in A3Launcher or MGT in Arma browser, server ip and port is

For the server rules

Click here to go to KoTH Discord to report players for rule breaking

baracuda_zg How can I become Admin on KOH server ?.... Now is almost unplayable, players like Tucker, Ereen, Gustav Smith make so mu...
baracuda_zg It fixed now!!! thank you...
[MGT]DB Admin Ok, i'll restart it in a few minutes

Update to EpochMod 1.3.1

[MGT]DB Admin posted Feb 1, 19

Our Arma 3 Epoch server is now updated to 1.3.1, either get it from A3L, or from Steam Workshop or from EpochMod.com 



  • Prevent Traders from spawning on containers
  • Advanced Vehicle Repair was not working as expected within custom "SafeZones"
  • Reset Toxic after revive
  • Delay for accurate position on swap building while basebuilding

Full changelog https://github.com/EpochModTeam/Epoch/blob/release/changelog.md

GeneralAssault seems to be a player database issue, after connecting to server cannot load player inventory now since i died and then i...
[MGT]DB Admin Working on fixing it now guys
Gix rip virtual garage

MGT Exile Namalsk S.T.A.L.K.E.R

RonnyC AdminDonatoro posted Jan 24, 19  -  Arma 3DayZ tradersNew serverPanthera

Namalsk is here!

The island of Namalsk has had a makeover, it is now much larger than the 2010 original. We have opened a new fresh server to replace our Panthera server. There are EVR storms and underground areas to explore. An APSI (Anti PSI) device can be crafted from items found in the scientific complex in the far south east, if you type psi in the crafting menu, you will see what you need. These will protect you from damage from the storms. You can also shelter in a vehicle or building. From the first heard rumble, you have approximately 1 minute to take cover! If you have an APSI device, you get notifications on the screen about the storm and take no damage even if outside.

Mods required (All on Steam Workshop)

CUP Units
CUP Weapons
CUP Vehicles
Extended Base Mod
Mozzie Mod
Nato Rus Vehicle (MAS)
Tryk's Multiplay Uniforms
Stalker live zone
WY snow winter effects

Join the server by searching MGT in A3L or manually at with the above mods

Visit GameTracker.com for the latest game server information!

    Exile 1.0.4 Pineapple

Exile Pineapple 1.0.4 is now live on all of our Exile servers

Dev blog http://www.exilemod.com/devblog/104-pineapple-release-r37/

  • Fixed: KSVK zeroing 
  • Added: Suppressor support for the PKP and Pecheneg
  • Changed: Increased zeroing distance for PKP and Pecheneg
  • Changed: Increased zeroing distance for Lee Enfield
  • Changed: Increased damage of Lee Enfield
  • Fixed: Pack safe exploit
  • Changed: Mass of the Bandage item (Exile_Item_Bandage) has been reduced from 10 to 2. This should make the item more useful for players.
  • Changed: Mass of the Vishpirin item (Exile_Item_Vishpirin) has been reduced from 15 to 5. Like the bandage, this should make it more useful
  • Added: New dabbing animation
  • Added: Prototype door lock grinding system
  • Fixed: Disabled the ability to activate mines from loot piles
  • Added: Territory Raid Mode
  • Fixed: Invalid bone count error
  • Added: Arma Dynamic Simulation support
  • Added: 7 new base building construction items
    • Concrete Ladder Hatch
    • Concrete Draw Bridge
    • Concrete Floor Port (Small)
    • Metal Ladder
    • Metal Ladder (Double Tall)
    • Wood Ladder Hatch
    • Wood Ladder Hatch Reinforced
  • Changed: The safe can now be re-textured using scripting commands
  • Added: Two new containers
    • Safe (Small)
      • A smaller version of the regular safe. It is mainly used for poptab storage, as that it cannot store more than a few items.
    • Old Chest
      • A bigger version of the storage chest, it cannot be locked
  • Fixed: 3D markers no longer move up and down when it's over the sea.
  • Fixed: When selling a stolen flag, the flag will now be removed from their back
  • Fixed: Crafting items that cannot fit in your inventory will now drop on the ground
  • Fixed: Draining fuel with a full inventory will now drop the fuel canister on the ground
  • Fixed: UAV Glitch

The full changelog Exile 1.0.4 version can be found here http://www.exilemod.com/topic/25026-104-pineapple

Visit GameTracker.com for the latest game server information!
Visit GameTracker.com for the latest game server information!
Visit GameTracker.com for the latest game server information!Visit GameTracker.com for the latest game server information!
Visit GameTracker.com for the latest game server information!


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