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MGT Scum rolling changelog

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Changed: Loot spawn x 100, z0mbie damage reduced, sentry (mech) damage reduced
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Patch notes for todays Scum update

Patch Notes [Sept 14, 2018]

Hello prisoners! New SCUM patch is rolling out soon. Here are the new patchnotes for this week!

In case you get a problem of connecting to a server please keep in mind from the moment of patch deployment servers can take up to 60 minutes to updated!

- Added auto-walk initiated by pressing shift and forward key (shift+W by default..PRAISE THE LORD)
- Dedicated server will no longer cause lag spikes when players climb onto windows or ladders.
- Puppets can now damage you while you are in prone and crouch.
- Added the ability to rebind chat and quick access buttons to options menu
- Added 2 new chests. Improved wooden chest, improvised metal chest. (For now the only difference is the amount that can be stored in Wooden chest 10x10, Improved wooden chest 15x15, Metal chest 20x20, also the metal chest can't be destroyed)
- Potential ACOG aim precision fix
- Possible fix for a server crash when a player leaves the game
- Added Ammo cal.357
- Added 2 new prison wallet items
- Corrected boxing animations punches
- Increased number of items saved in single player (100 items in 150m radius)
- Added Atlas LODs and textures for Airport Passenger Building. (Optimized meshes that render on long distances)
- Fixed collision on a stair case in light house where player could not move.
- Fixed a server crash when a prisoner dies while registered for an upcoming event and has no controller (probably force logged out)
- Fixed bug on spawn screen that allowed players to pay respawn fee multiple times by pressing the button in quick succession.
- Fixed "aquatic life", prisoners can drown now.
- Fixed a bug where microphone indicator wasn't active when push to talk was disabled
- Hungry / thirsty messages localization fix
- B_3_Military_base (moved military crates that were in the ground, rearranged crates on street for better player movement)
- SVD and AK47 animations update
- GreenHouse - Item spawner, increased spawning chances
- Optimized railway bridge LODs
- Fixed Player start position (Fixed the problem where player spawned too high in the air)
- Animal Waypoint editing. (Some animals spawned under ground, now they do not)
- Doubled item auto destruct distance and timer (It checks every 20 minutes if someone is in 100m radius. If not the item is destroyed, and after 60min it gets destroyed no matter of player radius. This does not apply to shelters and boxes and time timer is reset each time the player has an interaction with the item)
- Fixed items only having uncraft action on state load. (This means that some items in SP after log in were unusable, you only could uncraft them eg: spears)
- Fixed options-related issues and crashes with German and Russian languages
- Added Improvised stabproof vest craftable item.
- Closed collision on tunnel frames big and small (possible bug fix with teleporting player outside)
- Fixed issue where sentries would sometimes not be able to pass underneath the vaults high above the ground.
- Nearby items are now saved in single player.
- Removed collision from industrial lights. (you can't jump on them now)
- Fixed Collision on bunker rooms with glass (players should see you through glass now)
- Rearranged some house interiors so player does not get stuck while vaulting.
- Fix improvised stabproof vest
- Significantly reduced range for inventory handling and crafting sounds.
- Fixed hum sound artifacts for wind and crafting.
- Reduced range of puppet sound.
- Added search sounds for various items.
- Increased volume of sentry voice.

Next week we have a luxurious gift planned for the SCUM community as we approach one million copies sold. More on Monday!
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Changed: Increased zombie and animal count
Changed: Decreased loot spawn timer from 1 minute to 10 seconds
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Raised a ticket with G-Portal about the dire server performance
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Changed: Due to the fame bug, we have wiped the server
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Update: Scum update live on server

Wild Hunter [Nov 02, 2018]

Here it is bois and girls. The SCUM Wild Hunter update - before we get into the details here is an eloquent description of the patch:

SCUM's Wild Hunter update introduces an intense series of new features catering to the prisoners' most primal urges. The update is highlighted with the introduction of basic bow and arrow skills for both hunting wild game and combat against puppets and other prisoners. Prisoners can put these new skills to use by tracking and striking new boars and goats roaming the island, then crafting their trophies into intimidating headwear or decorative spiked heads. Slow things down around the campfire with new musical instruments to play including a banjo, guitar, and harmonica. Additionally, character customization include a fully nude character model and the ability to apply attribute points to a prisoner's genitals.

Bows and Arrows


The recurve bow (Right) its a basic bow that can be found through the island, and it offers bigger durability than the improvised bow.

The improvised bow (Left) is the most basic type of bow in the game its durability is its weakest point, and it can only be crafted.


Carbon arrow is the most durable arrow, and can only be found

Wooden arrow can be crafted but does not offer much durability and can only be crafted.

Important note - this is the first version of the bow and arrow mechanics we will expand on it and introduce more as time passes as we upgrade the skill.

Primal Crafting


More cool headgear so you can have matching outfits with your buddies. Goat cap and boar cap!


Never enough Halloween decorations. Those heads on spikes send a clear message to people who wander into your camp. Also, these are crafted through the blueprint system so you can get creative with them.


Everyone asked for a tooth necklace, so here it is. We also added an ear necklace, and both necklaces come in 3 possible variants depending on how much you like hunting.

Let it Hang!


One of the core features that we added to the Wild Hunter is the fully nude body in character customization. Also, we added a slider for your phallus. The default size is 4 inches and you can increase its to maximum 8 or decrease it to the lowest at 1 inch. As with everything in SCUM, this attribute is connected so if you add points into length it will reduce available attribute points and if you reduce the size you will gain more attribute points to be used elsewhere.

Also, we respect people who do not want to have such a visual experience thats why we also have a concealed mode. Owners of the SCUM Supporter Pack start with an extra 2 inches.

Musical Instruments


You have a guitar, banjo and harmonica.

All musical instruments can be played with keyboard starting with C note on "R" key on the keyboard when in Play Instrument mode. We can't wait to see what music the community will create with these new additions.

R = C
5 = C#
T = D
6 = D#
Y = E
U = F
8 = F#
I = G
9 = G#
O = A
0 = A#
P = B

P.S. You can rebind them to your liking - note that when you play an instrument all functions are disabled besides moving.

Here you can hear them in action!

Behind the Camera View!



For now, this mode is only available to users that rent servers, and have the admin role, though we are working on expanding that in the future.

Yes, it's here. You can finally become a drone and fly around. To enable it just create a character with the name "Drone290818"

WASD - Movement
Mouse scroll - Increase/Decrease Speed
Enter - Change View
Page up/down - Teleports You to Players

You can also get a glimpse of the underground part of the new naval base, as it's released in this patch!

Simplified Chinese!



Fully operational Simplified Chinese has been implemented in the Wild Hunter update.

There is a new head option to choose from in character creation!

IMPORTANT: As SCUM is a survival game at its core, we are starting to slowly decrease spawn rates of items for a more survival feel in the game.

Balance Changes

  • Military loot spawn rate has been reduced 50%
  • All other loot has been reduced 25%
  • All food gain from chopping puppets, animals, players i reduced by 50%
  • Fame Point gain from shooting sentries is x4 lower now.
  • Tearing out papers from diaries does not give fame points anymore
  • Increased sugar gain on juices from 11g to 19g per 100g
  • Urinating will now decrease sodium levels (up to 10% per urination)
  • Puppets cant be chopped into meat or fat anymore. (Meat could not been eaten before anywat so we decided to remove it)
  • Binoculars take 2x2 space in inventory now
  • All scopes can be used as binoculars by just holding them in your hand.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed event selection combo box sometimes not changing the selected event
  • Fixed a bug where grape trees would disappear after searching
  • Fixed a bug that caused camera to fly away if death occurred while prisoner was in the air
  • Fixed a bug where corpses would disappear some times.
  • Fixed a bug where items would disappear after stabbed into corpses
  • Fixed a bug with lookout ladders being unclimbable.
  • Fixed scope crosshair disappearing issue
  • Prisoner corpse is now properly cleared of equipment on search.
  • Fixed a bug where prisoner corpse was twitching and teleporting on death.
  • Fixed a bug where people would fall through the land in caves and be able to kill players bellow the ground.
  • Fixed a bug where some blueprints could not be destroyed
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Changed: Server restarts every 12 hours at 12am and 12pm GMT
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Changed: Server migrated to new ip
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Updated: Scum server to latest patch

Patch Notes [Dec 07, 2018]
WE ARE BACK and with all the info on our new patch and what goodies we prepared for you guys! Vehicles, Capture the flag event mode, new locations, new weapons and many more! Before jumping into it, let's address the wipe that will also happen.

As we announced on Monday, we will do a wipe of all chests including items in them, and fame points. We are working on a new item handling system that should help with client and server performance, and for that to work, a wipe is needed. Also, we are wiping all fame points due to some people accumulating thousands of fame points through killing cheaters.



Let's start with what you've all been waiting for - vehicles. Here is a list of what you have in this first version of vehicles.

One driveable vehicle (The SUV on the pictures), it holds up to 4 people.

The ability to enter/exit the vehicle and be either a driver or a passenger. Each car has one or more slots for players. The number of slots depends on the vehicle type and shape. Which slot player will occupy is determined by the player's proximity to the slot. We plan to deliver at least one drivable vehicle with four slots.

Ability to store items in the vehicle.

Ability to destroy the vehicle (vehicle repairs will probably not be implemented in the first iteration)

Ability to kill other players and mid/small NPCs with a vehicle by driving into them.

Ability to kill players when they are inside the vehicle (bullet penetration/deflection should work on glass and metal parts as expected)

Basic vehicle sound and graphics effects (some expected effects may be absent in the first iteration)

For starters there will be 32 SUVs on the island for you guys to find and drive around.




What will be added later on
- Fueling and repairs
- First person camera
- Ability to shoot from inside the vehicle
- Advanced car damage effects
- Destructible environment
- Locking a vehicle
- Lockpicking into a locked vehicle
- Hotwiring a car
- Armoring a car
- More player interactions inside a car.
- Boobytraping a car.
- Hit locations.

And yes, we already have another vehicle in the works!

Please keep in mind that this is the first version of vehicles and that there are possible bugs and issues. Thank you for your understanding!


Capture The Flag

New game mode coming your way! We all heard for the classic CTF mode, so we added it in SCUM, and boy its a blast.

Capture the Flag is a game event where teams win points by capturing the enemy flag. Each team has a flag.


The goal is to capture the enemy flag and bring it to your base location. If the rival team takes your flag, then it has to be returned to the base first to be able to score points.


The stolen flag is dropped when the participant carrying it dies. A dropped flag can then be returned to the base by being picked up by its team members.


Otherwise a dropped flag is returned to the base after a short timer (30s) elapses.


To win the event a team has to score 3 points or have the highest number of points at the end of round (5 min).



MIDI keyboard support

Our sound guy had some spare time left so he and one of our programmers made support for MIDI keyboards so you can play it in the game!

MIDI keyboard should be connected before the game is started.

All instruments support 3 octaves.

We used this bad boy:



AS Val

We got you guys a new toy to play with! AS Val, our first rifle with suppression, quiet and deadly, just without the methane.


It uses 9x39mm ammunition:


And it can be found in military bases and police stations.
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Hotfix change notes
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