Arma 3 Epoch Mod

By [MGT]DB Admino - Posted Feb 12, 15
The easiest way to install the mod and AiA (All in Arma) pack is on Arma 3 Launcher, then filter for MGT and the Epoch Mod and launch from there, note, other launching methods won't work if you use Arma 3 Launcher as it renames mod folders.
Manual install guide
Full manual install guide here for Chernarus
Get the official Epoch client files for here

AiA Terrain Pack (v1.4.1 06 Jan 15) Direct Torrent - play withSIX

    • Side chat enabled
    • World build limit 15k - per frequency jammer 250 items
    • 5 day maintenance cycle
    • Vote for day/night time
    • 30 Minute group vehicle lock time
    • 3 hour restarts
    • infiSTAR antihack for Epoch
    • Rotor lib and fatigue disabled
    • All Helicopters and Karts useable including DLC for non DLC owners
    • Increased loot including ground loot 
    • Our own AI missions (WIP)
    • Old style heli crash sites
    • Database backup system
    • Combat logging system
    • Private messaging between players
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