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Our servers & website rely on your donations to keep running, current costs are €350pm. This includes rent of 2 Xeon CPU equipped servers, required to give Arma 3 server good performance & enterprise security software, costs includes KoTH database rental & a 64 slot Scum server

Important:- Known issues

You need to download the Epoch update from either the Epoch site or use Arma 3 Launcher


[Changed] Updated pricing and loot tables for Marksman DLC content
[Changed] Sapper brain reworked. Avoids jammers. *see notes below
[Changed] Lower Sapper and Drone antagonist spawn limits a bit
[Changed] Phantom updates
[Changed] Moved blocked build areas to mission file config
[Changed] Uniforms now store items again

[Fixed] Document mission should now properly limit to one mission
[Fixed] Remove extra debug on monitor
[Fixed] Typo in killed event handler caused false BE kick

[Fixed] Group names may only contain alphanumeric characters - or _

[Info] Works on Arma 1.42+

Antagonist Updates

Added Jammer detection - NEst will not spawn in 22m of Jammer, Sappers
will stalk to a position around the jammer radius - Can still cross
within jammer radius and will still loiter within radius. Charge is
unaffected so sapper will follow player into jammer range, is more
dangerous to do now.
Updated Stuck Code - May see more self detonations
Updated Stalk Position - Sapper will loop around player
Updated Direct Detection of Player to initiate Charge mode. Distance of
sight is lower
Added variables in mission files to allow some editing of Sapper and UAv
Sapper now is influenced by wind direction
Extended UAV default range slightly
Filtered units from spawning within jammer radius or static traders

Server Hotfix build b1:

[Fixed] error preventing storage from spawning correctly 

Server Hotfix build b2:

[Fixed] Bipods should now persist correctly
[Fixed] magazine loss issue on logout
  • Side chat enabled
  • World build limit 15k - per frequency jammer 250 items
  • 5 day maintenance cycle
  • Vote for day/night time
  • 30 Minute group vehicle lock time
  • 3 hour restarts
  • infiSTAR antihack for Epoch
  • Rotor lib and fatigue disabled
  • All Helicopters and Karts useable including DLC for non DLC owners
  • Increased loot including ground loot 
  • Our own AI missions (WIP)
  • Old style heli crash sites
  • Database backup system
  • Combat logging system
  • Private messaging between players

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