Arma 2 DayZ Epoch Namalsk

By [MGT]DB Admin - Posted May 22, 15

Due to low player numbers on Panthera, we've decided to bring Namalsk back from the dead

You need DayZ Epoch and Namalsk 0.75, both available on DayZ Launcher Just open it up and search for MGT and click server, it will install the mods automatically for you and launch the game.

Or manually enable the mods and go to

Cold weather and snow is on, warm clothes at traders
EVR is off
ER7 is an ultra rare spawn in Object AII only and cannot be bought/sold at traders
Building on the land bridge is permitted
1 x Heat pack added to spawn loadout


ER7 rate increased, AS50's added to Object AII loot table, still very rare

A great video made by Chazie95_Gaming captures the essence of Namalsk

Back on Namalsk the the hunt begin's to try find a cure for the zombie apocalypse! Leave a Like :D
Cinematics made by me (Chazie95_Gaming )
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