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Update to EpochMod 1.3.0

By [MGT]DB Admino - Posted Feb 1, 19

Our Arma 3 Epoch server is now updated to 1.3.0, either get it from A3L, or from Steam Workshop or from EpochMod.com 

Client Changes:

  • New A2 Vehicles ported into Epoch
  • New A2 Weapons ported into Epoch
  • New A2 Backpacks ported into Epoch

  • JailWall and JailDoor to Basebuilding items
  • Sounds to Door animations for building parts
  • Rusty textures for some Vehicles
  • Button to search in all configs to spawn items in AdminMenu
  • Fix to prevent rope-break while lifting Vehicles
  • Earplugs (Default F4 - Auto-Earplugs on Vehicle enter can be toggled in E-Pad)
  • UAV's are now usable by Space-Menu (DynaMenu)
  • You can now defuse bombs via Space-Menu (DynaMenu)
  • Tablet (E-Pad) - Can be found in Space Menu (DynaMenu)
    • Default Apps:
      • Enable E-Pad in DynaMenu
      • Show Playermarker on Map (GPS is needed)
      • Show dead Playermarker on Map (GPS on death was needed)
      • Enable / Disable Auto-Earplugs on Vehicle enter
      • Server Infos / Rules / Settings (load predefined html-sites)
      • Switch on / off debug monitor
      • Check, if you are reviveable or not
      • Read some news (random messages)
      • Check for nearby Vehicles (cost 250 Krypto)
      • Check for nearby Players (cost 250 Krypto)
      • Kill yourself (suicide)
      • Show Blocked Areas on the Map (building disallowed)

Full changelog https://github.com/EpochModTeam/Epoch/blob/release/changelog.md


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