Update to EpochMod 1.1.0

By [MGT]DB Admin - Posted Mar 15, 18

Our Arma 3 Epoch server is now updated to 1.1.0, either get it from A3L, or from Steam Workshop or from EpochMod.com 

Client Changes:

### Added
- Plant Spawner: vehicle object for sunflower. @Helion4
- MoneyDrop Event: Random Money lump with Mapmarker (like Plants) @He-Man
- Examples for Vehicle upgrades for Server Admins into CfgVehicleUpgrades.hpp @He-Man
- Make Lighter refillable at Fuel-Sources (Gasstations / Vehicles) @He-Man
- Make Trader more configurable in epochconfig.hpp @He-Man
- Added Examples for Batchfiles to control Server Restarts @DirtySanchez
- default pops for "center" marker @AWOL
- More map supports @AWOL
- Lighter is needed to imflame fires @DirtySanchez
- FireExtinguisher is needed to "put our fire" on Burn Barrel @DirtySanchez
- Rope is needed for SlingLoad (get back on release) @DirtySanchez
- R3F compatibility for SlingLoad @DirtySanchez
- Hints while using Vehicle Repair (MultiGun) @He-Man
- Config to completely disable Simulation for BaseParts (if not needed) @He-Man
- Made Radiation configureable by cfgepochclient.hpp @Raymix
- Hints for lock / unlock Vehicles / Storages @He-Man
- Nuisance multiplicator in cfgepochclient.hpp @He-Man
- Reduce rads over time at cost of immunity @Raymix
- Wearable Male & Female wearable full radiation suit @Helion4
- December seasonal items (Santa hat / Snowman) @Helion4
- Autorun function (suggested by Ghostrider) @He-Man
   - Default Key is "W"
   - You can change the key in EPOCH ESC Menu
   - If choosen key is same as "moveforward" (default), you have to 2x tap it, else you only have to 1x tap it
   - If your legs are broken, you get a hint "can not autorun - legs are broken"
   - If the terrain is too steep, you only walk in AutoRun
   - Inside Water, you can not Autorun
- Helper 3D-Icon + Line on the part, where element is snapped on (while Base-Building) @He-Man
- Config in cfgepochclient.hpp to block ATM's in Plotpole range @He-Man
- Power Sword @Helion

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