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Exile update 0.9.40 Lime now live

By [MGT]DB Admino - Posted Dec 11, 15

All Exile servers updated to 0.9.40 Lime


  • You can now toggle between health and hunger/thirst in your HUD by pressing "grave".
  • You will now see blinking icons to warn you if your hunger or thirst is below 25%
  • You can now chop down bushes with your axe and combine some branches and leaves into a bush kit. Use the bush kit to attach it to your character and turn into a walking bush!
  • Added a charity NPC faction that will supply you with goodies: A Heart For Inmates
  • Added the option to define the price of item when you sell it to traders.
  • Added a configuration for the sales/purchase price factor too. Default is 0.5.
  • Added a developer-friendly setting that can help us to debug things on your server. If you do not like this, you can disable it.
  • The territory radius is now 3D, like a sphere. Thus you cannot build into the air forever anymore. No more penis-towers!
  • Introduced a maximum number of territories allowed per player. Default is 2.
  • Territories now have limited number of constructions that increase per level (30-300).
  • Added a security camera / CCTV system. You can now place security cameras in your territory and look through them by a camera terminal software of a laptop.
  • You can now specify hunger and thirst decay and regeneration in a config.
  • Minimum distance to territories was used instead of minimum distance to trader zones when spawning loot - thx to Brun for reporting
  • Container lock bypass detection ("Y u try to glitch") is not executed anymore when you are in your own territory - thx to Rangecreed for the idea
  • Fixed a problem where people could shoot near your corpse, putting you into combat, even if your new character is miles way - thx to Darth Rogue for reporting
  • Added three more frag bonus types - thx to Xanto for the idea
    • "HOMIE BONUS" applies when you kill someone while you are in your own territory
    • "RAID BONUS" applies when you kill someone who is in his own territory
    • "DOMINATION BONUS" applies when you kill someone multiple times in a row
  • Teamkillers will now lose respect
  • Adjusted the maximum capacity of some vehicles since the vanilla Arma settings are not logical. Please find the changes attached to this post.
  • Adjusted the sales prices of almost all vehicles. Look here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1PsDxUYBxmiQl-HSTtxj3PHWLq9R0kH0QOoZnNNe4ZhQ/edit?usp=sharing 
  • You will now see a death skull on your map when you die to easily find your corpse - thx to Boxman80 and his crew
  • Removed triggers from the default mission file completely. Exile does not use triggers anymore to detect if a player enters a safe zone. This will increase performance. Please report back to us in the "Feedback" forum how large the impact on your server / game was.
  • When you leave a safe zone, god mode and disabled weapon mode will disappear after 30 seconds and not instantly anymore. This should lower safe zone camping - thx to Toasty1234 for the idea
  • Added 9 more custom traders that can be configured by server owners (Exile_Trader_CommunityCustoms2...Exile_Trader_CommunityCustoms10)
  • Added a new server config to unlock vehicles in safe zones after server restart (off by default)
  • Added action menus to vehicles of type "Tank" so you can use lock, flip, drain fuel etc.
  • Resolved a problem with third party mods / tanks, where you could not repair them completely - thx to FordDefect for the hint
  • Increased the capacity of safes from 1500 to 3000.
  • You will now see your party members (position, name, direction) on your map.
  • Replaced the 3D party hexagons of Arma. Party members close to you will now have name tags like in the safe zone. Distant party members will have a circle + distance in meters + toggable name tages. You can configure the color of the party ESP in your XM8. Default is green.
  • Removed the thermal optics from the Nightstalker attachment.
  • Loot does not spawn in hidden buildings anymore. If you would like to replace static buildings in your mission, you can now do so without running into floating loot - thx to Brun for the hint
  • You can now pack storage crates. Just like it works for tents. Everyone can do that. There are no territory restrictions. 
  • It is now possible to deconstruct flood lights. You can also move them (that somehow broke in 0.9.34?)
  • The portable generator will now play a sound while it is running.
  • Dead bodies will now have flies swarming around it, so you can easily find corpses (Yes, it is the classic Arma 2 sound <3)
  • Added a new woodland uniform. We have found the textures for that in the Arma files, but it was not used.
  • Party members can now place 3D markers that is visible to their party mates only. Use action key 2 for that. Simply look somewhere, press the magic button and a marker with your name will appear in 3D. If you want to remove your marker, look into the sky and press the button again. Every player only has a single marker. Markers of dead mates will disappear. Markers do not have a distance-meter below them, so they do not replace range finders. This system should remove the all-time-Arma-confusion of "There is an enemy at the bushes right there!".
  • 3D markers and party ESP can be disabled by server owners in mission config - thx to John for the idea
  • You cannot build in enemy territory anymore. Not even camp fires. Nothing.
  • You can now tie other players up by using zip ties. Zip ties work like hand grenades and show up in the HUD while equipped. Press G (or whatever key you use for hand grenades) to tie another player up. You need to be very close to catch them.
  • Players can free themselves by using a handsaw, pliers or a can opener, but only if the hostage taker went away.
  • Trapped players cannot drop to lobby or commit suicide (yet). ALT+F4 while being tied up will result in a combat log punishment and the player will die.
  • Tied players can also not open their inventory, they cannot move or use weapons. They also cannot place a 3D party maker while tied up.
  • Other players can free trapped players by using the same tools mentioned above.
  • There are different respect settings that the server owner can modify, eg. trapping ("normal" or "bambi"), releasing ("hero" or "hostage taker", breaking free and/or combat log. Killing trapped players will not result in any respect bonus or loss.
    • "GOTCHA" applies when you tie someone up
    • "UNSTOPPABLE" applies when you break free
    • "KINDHEARTED" applies when you free someone (name might change, me no good English :))
  • Fixed a bug where broken vehicle database records could screw the server
  • Re-worked all prices and the complete loot tables for better balancing (existing customizations can still be used, don't worry!)
  • Moved CfgInteractionMenus and CfgInteractionModels to mission config file - thx to On4fox for the idea
  • Limited the maximum distance for range kill bonus respect to 3,000m to prevent long range mine kills. There is no reliable way in Arma to detect if a player was killed by a mine so we cannot solve it better.
  • You will now see the latest news from our website in the Arma lobby when you join a game. We feel this changelog is just not enough to communicate the features we implement. This will honor the work we put into it a bit more.
  • Added a new code lock pad interface for vehicle locks.
  • Established compatibility with Arma 1.54.
  • Re-made ALL BattlEye filters... ugh
  • You can now access the gear of tied up people and basically steal of all their gear.
  • You can now move your head while being tied up.
  • Tied up people can now be road killed.
  • Tied up people cannot adjust their stance anymore to break free.
  • It now shows a message that you do not have the required tools if you want to release someone.
  • PIN code related messages now show **** when stream friendly UI is enabled.
  • 3D party markers now function properly when a party member is not in the ground
  • "Handcuff-Loggers" are now killed properly and don't respawn where they have been
  • Sending money to players that have disconnected in the meantime does not show "Sent money to: Object not found" anymore
  • Lowered the mass of instant coffee and bandages as they were too heavy
  • Took away SPMG/Navid from the game completely. Server owners can put them back in, but they are overpowered in our opinion.
  • Changed the way vehicles spawn in general. Arma blows them up too often. Please test!
  • You now lose respect when you tie someone up, but gain some respect if you release them again
  • Adjusted some prices of vests and backpacks, as they didn't reflect their quality
  • Changed "Scan Bar Code" action on dead bodies to "Identify Body". This will display the name of the player corpse for you.
  • Loot will now spawn without a minimum distance / visual threshold. That means you don't have to be 15m away from a building anymore to have it spawn some loot. Also, this also means loot can spawn right below your feet. This improves loot spawning in the "single house in the wild" scenario.
  • Added three more crafties recipes to empty plastic bottles (dirty/salty) and fuel canisters. Thank you for the idea!
  • Changed armor values of Ifrit (150), Hunter (200) and Strider (250)

Changed/New Items

New Vehicles (Big thanks to Psycho for porting! Love you!)

  • Lada
    • Green
    • Red
    • White
    • Taxi
    • Hipster
  • Volha
    • Blue
    • White
    • Black
    • Black Chrome
  • Ural (Open)
    • Worker
    • Blue
    • Yellow
    • Military
  • Ural (Covered)
    • Worker
    • Blue
    • Yellow
    • Military
  • Ikarus
    • Blue
    • Red
    • (Party, Community Skin TBD)

Vehicle Capacity Changes

Name				Old			Change
Kart				0
Quad Bike			600
Hatchback			2000			1300
Hatchback (Sport)		2000			1300
SUV				2000			1600
Offroad				4000			2000
Offroad (Repair)		4000			1300
Offroad (Armed)			4000			1100

Strider				4000			1800			
Hunter				2000			2200
Ifrit				2000			1800

Van				3000			3600
Van (Box)			3000			4600
Van (Fuel)			3000			1100

Zamak				3000			4200
Tempest				3000			3800
HEMMT				3000			4600

MH-9				1000			1300
M-900				1000			1300
MI-280 Taru			4000			3200
MI-280 Taru (Covered)		4000			4300
MI-280 Taru (Transport)		4000			1100
PO-30 Orca			3000			4600
CH-49 Mohawk			5000			4800
CH-67 Huron			6000			
WY-55 Hellcat			2000			2600

Cessna 185 Skywagon		0 (???)			3000

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