• Added: CBA compatibility ONLY if remoteExec functions in CBA are OFF!
  • Added: Craft bandages recipe
  • Added: Prototype of bounty system
  • Changed: Balanced wood and metal construction armor. More info soon.
  • Fixed: Vehicle trader dialog sometimes went poof if configured wrong
  • Fixed: Vehicle re-keying for choppers and boats
  • Fixed: Pre-processor problems ending up in duplicate building classes in different scopes
  • Fixed: Exploit to dupe consumable items - thx to @Mikeeeyy
  • Fixed: Wrong building loot coverage calculation - thx to @Mikeeeyy
  • Added: Sledge Hammer
  • Fixed: Axe swing animation (yes, for real)
  • Fixed: Auto-run would stop on bridges over water
  • Added: Prototype of animals
  • Fixed: Message when adding a lock always showed "1234" as a PIN code
  • Changed: We have changed from virtual to physical money now! You have to carry pop tabs with you and store it in a safe if you do not want to lose it.
  • Changed: Sending money in your XM8 has been removed. You need to trade it in person now.
  • Added: You can now modify existing network messages or add your own ones. No more remoteExec or publicVariable!
  • Fixed: Prevent spawning on Namalsk' debug island when coast spawning is enabled - thx to @BetterDeadThanZed
  • Changed: Moved definition of snapping positions from model memory LOD to a config to support snapping of third party models 
  • Added: Razor Wire
  • Added: Wire Fence
  • Added: Sand Bags (long)
  • Added: Bag of Sand (spawns in industrial)
  • Added: Screw Driver (spawns in industrial)
  • Added: Box of Screws (also spawns in industrial)
  • Added: Metal Wire (you guessed it: spawns in industrial)
  • Added: Santa Hat is now available at the armory trader
  • Changed: Balanced the amount of damage constructions can take - more info on that soon.
  • Fixed: An exploit that allowed players to steal and sell vehicles in the safezone - thx to @Mikeeeyy 
  • Added: Server-side trader, territory and death logging to separate text files
  • Added: Items of higher quality levels now require a certain amount of respect to purchase them
  • Added: Config option to disable thermal vision for assembled drones and static machine guns 
  • Added: Possibility to steal the flag of enemy territories (more on that in the following Devblog entries)
  • Fixed: Wrong 7.62 magazine for Rahim in loot spawn
  • Fixed: Sometimes dead players were kicked out of their party or made it completely disappear
  • Changed: The variable "ExileTraderType" must now be be set via ExileClient_object_trader_create as the second parameter. Careful, admins! See code below
  • Fixed: In very rare cases, a script error would pop up when looking at certain constructions
  • Added: Ambient fly-overs are back!
  • Fixed: Bikes and Quad Bikes will not warm you up anymore.
  • Added: Non-buildable zones, so you can prevent players from building somewhere. Can be defined in CfgExileEnvironment / mission config.


+ new weapons!


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