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MGT Exile Namalsk S.T.A.L.K.E.R

By RonnyC AdminDonatoro - Posted Jan 24, 19

Namalsk is here!

The island of Namalsk has had a makeover, it is now much larger than the 2010 original. We have opened a new fresh server to replace our Panthera server. There are EVR storms and underground areas to explore. An APSI (Anti PSI) device can be crafted from items found in the scientific complex in the far south east, if you type psi in the crafting menu, you will see what you need. These will protect you from damage from the storms. You can also shelter in a vehicle or building. From the first heard rumble, you have approximately 1 minute to take cover! If you have an APSI device, you get notifications on the screen about the storm and take no damage even if outside.

Mods required (All on Steam Workshop)

CUP Units
CUP Weapons
CUP Vehicles
Extended Base Mod
Mozzie Mod
Nato Rus Vehicle (MAS)
Tryk's Multiplay Uniforms
Stalker live zone
WY snow winter effects

Join the server by searching MGT in A3L or manually at with the above mods

Visit GameTracker.com for the latest game server information!


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