Introducing MGT Exile Panthera!

RonnyC AdminDonator posted Aug 24, 18  -  Arma 3DayZ tradersNew serverPanthera

Panthera is here!

After hearing that many people would like to start from fresh, we decided to open a brand new Exile Panthera server!

It will be running the exact same mods and settings as our other non militarised servers, so all you will need is the Panthera map

Mods required (All on Steam Workshop)

Panthera 3.9
CUP Terrains Core
CUP Units
CUP Weapons
CUP Vehicles
Extended Base Mod
Mozzie Mod
Nato Rus Vehicle (MAS)
Tryk's Multiplay Uniforms

Join the server by searching MGT in A3L or manually at with the above mods

Visit for the latest game server information!